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Maw Artisan Recognition of Prior Learning

Recognition of Prior Learning is a process whereby people’s prior learning can be formally recognized in terms of registered qualifications and unit standards, regardless of where and how the learning was attained. RPL acknowledges that people never stop learning, whether it takes place formally at an educational institution, or whether it happens informally.


Prospective ARPL candidates apply at WCITI Trade Test Centre, t/a West Coast Rigging and Skills Academy, to undergo an ARPL process. The ARPL candidate must compile a PoE that includes a Curriculum Vitae (CV) and any other certified supporting documents of qualifications and current and previous employment together with the trade related duties performed, together with any photographic proof, where available. Where a candidate is self-employed, such a candidate must provide proof of trade related evidence and affidavits (signed in the presence of an officer of the law) from clients and a community leader to support the request for ARPL.

The following documentation therefore needs to be submitted:

  • Application forms
  • CV
  • Service letter/s
  • Certified copy of your ID
  • Certified copy of your highest school qualification
  • Certified copies of any trade related certificates