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Rigging Accredited Unit Based Training

Knowing what tool to use and when to use it and which specialised equipment will be necessary and how to look after it.

Our unit based training will prepare you for the rigging world, making you a valuable employee and a better rigger.

Accredited Unit Based Training

All our training is seta accredited


Unit Standard Title NQF Level Credits
253591 Identify and use Fibre Ropes: Long splice, Short splice, Back splice, Thimble and Grommet 2 8
253554 Identify and use Steel Wire Rope: Liverpool, Admiral, Long splice, Grommet 3 12
119744 Select, use and care for Engineering Hand Tools 2 8
12219 Select, use and care for Engineering Power Tools 2 6
119042 Erect, alter/reposition and dismantle Access Scaffolding 2 13
9530 Manage work time effectively 3 3

Benefits of accredited Unit Standard based training

  • Each Unit Standards carries a certain number of Credits. A learner will be given Credits for each Unit Standard that they successfully complete. A record of these Credits is kept on the National Learners’ Record Database.
  • • Often the same Unit Standards are used in different qualifications. So, if a learner successfully completes a specific Unit Standard as part of one qualification, then the learner will not have to re-study that same Unit Standard if s/he registers for another qualification that also has exactly the same Unit Standard.